Tried and True

Day Designer planners by Whitney English ($59).  These save my life!  Amidst going to classes, work, and leading Young Life this keeps me on track better than any planner I’ve ever had.  It helps you prioritize tasks so you can get things done more effectively and it has fun features like “Daily Inspiration” and an … More Tried and True

31 Bits

I’m so pumped to announce that I will be a campus rep for 31 Bits at my school again this fall semester!  This company has impressed me since the first time I visited their site and learned about who they are and what they do.  Not only do they sell amazing and beautiful jewelry but … More 31 Bits

Videos to Brighten Your Day

“You give a person unconditional love and they blossom.” Boomer the Golden Retriever puppy. Gimme. “What are the things you think are beautiful?  And you’re good at?” Nothing but some pizza to definitely recharge your batteries.” Go Harry. “MR. ERNIE!?” I would also add: “The coffee is free today.”

Everything is gold

Gold is in.  Clothes, shoes, home accessories, I feel like it’s everywhere.  AND I LOVE IT.  I’ve always preferred gold over silver and it just so happens to pair perfectly with my two favorite colors mint and burgundy.  Here are some gold pieces I’ve found (some on super sale!) that fit the trend. Enjoy!   … More Everything is gold